Our story goes back over 60 years.

Way back in 1952, Silvio Polidoro began to make clothes, uniforms and bomber jackets for the US Navy based in Naples. Thanks to his dedication, to the great team he had, to his clients and to the high quality of the products, typical of the true Made in Italy style, Polidoro Tailors gained the trust of the marines and earned a great reputation.

In 1970 Silvio Polidoro, the founder of Polidoro Tailors, was invited to Staten Island, New York, to the headquarters of the Naval base. There he signed his first contract with the NEX

From that day on the business grew continually. Silvio, together with his two sons Ernesto and Giuseppe, were able to make the Polidoro company into the first navy concessionary to be awarded in Europe.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, to their unwavering commitment and to the strong traditions passed down from father to son, their reputation reached the highest rungs of the military establishment and the most important civilians. They forged lasting freindships and gained the reputation that the name of Polidoro craftsmanship is proud to bear.

During the Second Gulf War we were invited to serve on many ships in the fifth fleet, and our service, not only increased sales for the NEX and the naval shops, but also kept up the moral of the marines who had been at sea for such a long time.

Polidoro Tailors have been a partner in the service to the fleet for over 60 years, and our family is proud to serve the US Military community.

Quality, passion and competence from Polidoro Tailors, serving the US Navy since 1952.